Editor's Pick No. 37
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Hello and welcome to the 37th issues of Beijing Review

Photo by Wang Yajuan


Bigger BRICS, Larger Role is about the BRICS Summit in Xiamen and expansion of its partnership. The 2017 summit emphasized the role of people-to-people exchanges, adding a new area to the platform. BRICS Plus began in 2013 with a proposal from China to invite other nations’ of emerging economies. This year, leaders of Egypt, Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan and Thailand were invited, and Indonesia and Turkey have shown interest in joining. With expansion of partnerships, BRICS members hope to add fresh ideas for future development amidst the current anti-globalization climate.


Innovation Triumphs focuses on Jiangsu Province as a showcase for the CPC’s role in driving innovation and economic transformation. It now has the second highest GDP among China’s 34 provincial regions and over 130,000 high-tech companies. With the assistance of government initiatives and programs, Jiangsu is attracting more top talents to the region from home and abroad.  


Partnerships From a Fair Perspective is about trade ties between northeast China and its neighbors Japan, the Korean Peninsula, Mongolia and Russia. An example is the five-day China-Northeast Asia Expo held in Changchun, Jilin Province in September, which brought participants from the neighboring countries and helped to revitalize northeast China and strengthen its participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

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