Editor's Pick No. 35
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Hello and welcome to the 35th issues of Beijing Review. 

 Photo by Wang Yajuan


Patriot in Wolf's Clothing is about the phenomenal success of China’s top-grossing film Wolf Warrior II. With its high-quality special effects and exciting story line, the blockbuster raked in 5.2 billion yuan less than a month after its release this summer. It is inspired by the evacuation of Chinese from Libya in 2011 and is raising patriotic pride in moviegoers all over China.


Is a Trade War on the Way? is an analysis of the possibility of a trade war after Trump ordered the launch of a U.S. trade investigation against China regardless of World Trade Organization’s multilateral rules. The use of Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, which allows the U.S. president to unilaterally impose trade restrictions on foreign countries, has been used to try and restrain China, but it has not been very effective. It hasn’t hampered China’s economic development over the past 30 years and China will continue to safeguard its rights and interests.


A Tale of Two Types of Cities features a story about smaller cities surpassing megacities due to their more livable environments and preferential policies. Difficulties for job seekers in China’s first tier cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, include not only higher expenses, but also difficulty securing a hukou and finding schools for their children. Smaller cities, such as Chengdu and Hangzhou, offer skilled job seekers a better quality of life and have robust development potential, making them attractive alternatives to the big cities.

Copyedited by Pamela Tobey

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