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Establishment of diplomatic ties with China applauded across Honduras
  ·  2023-03-28  ·   Source: Xinhua News Agency

People from all walks of life in Honduras applauded the establishment of China-Honduras diplomatic ties after the two countries signed a joint communique on Sunday.

Rodolfo Pastor de Maria, secretary of the presidency, told Xinhua that it was a great honor to witness the establishment of bilateral ties, which would open an important door of opportunity for Honduras and help the country diversify its international relations.

The establishment of China-Honduras diplomatic relations is an independent and courageous historic decision, and no country can ignore China's status and role as a major country in terms of economy, finance and trade, Attorney General of Honduras Manuel Antonio Diaz said.

China's economy has achieved solid growth, and products made in China have been shipped to the world, said Daniel Sponda, secretary of education of Honduras, adding that the establishment of diplomatic ties with China is conducive to Honduras' development of digital skills in education.

Fausto Calix, executive director of the Honduran customs administration, said that Honduras has made the decision as a sovereign country and it must be respected by the international community and China, as a major country in the world, will bring great opportunities to the development of Honduras.

Armando Vidal, who has been in the tourism industry for over 20 years, is ready to welcome Chinese tourists to visit the local scenic splendours and hospitable Hondurans.

The establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries will help attract Chinese tourists to Honduras while increasing local revenues, Vidal said.

Armando Enamorado, former president of the Metropolitan University of Honduras, voiced hope that the establishment of diplomatic ties will bring more Chinese technological achievements to Honduras so that Honduras can better leverage China's digital technology and other experiences to enhance the competitiveness of local students.

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