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Foreign Envoys and Party Leaders Hail China's Pursuit of Common Prosperity

The CPC in Dialogue With Political Parties of Southeast Asian and South Asian Countries is held in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on September 9 (IDCPC)

Diplomatic envoys from 10 countries of Southeast and South Asia visited a model village of poverty alleviation in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on September 8, on the sidelines of the CPC in Dialogue With Political Parties of Southeast Asian and South Asian Countries event. 

Invited by the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the envoys traveled to Xilong Village in Gaotian Township, where residents are mainly ethnic Zhuang. The group had a themed exchange on ethnic unity and expressed their appreciation for China’s achievements. 

Kim Rithy, a member of Cambodian People's Party Central Committee 

As a contributor to global progress and defender of the international order, the CPC has led the way to maintain world peace and development. During the fight against COVID-19 it has set an example for the world to cooperate in defeating the virus.

The dialogue organized by the CPC, a vital platform for us, helps to promote exchanges between the young people of our two countries, which advocates consistent communication, and strengthen mutual exchanges and cooperation. It will help consolidate mutual understanding and friendship, to better build up the bilateral partnership.

Cambodia and China have firmly stood together in the fight against the virus, and Cambodia owes its success to the support from China, providing us with many supplies, vaccines and much expert assistance.

Some countries have attempted to politicize the origins tracing of the coronavirus, which will always be a scientific issue, rather than a political one. The world should stop making useless accusations and carry out economic recovery from the COVID-19 response. More attention should focus on the health of the public.

Bayazeed Kasi, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party's Advisor on Cooperation with the CPC

China has always upheld the concept of peace and sustainable development, at the same time, it offers help to the people in their time of need, which is fully reflected in China’s response to the epidemic. China has been effective in controlling the epidemic in its own country and aiding neighboring countries. For Pakistan, we would like to cherish our partnership with China.

I believe China will not be affected by the so-called origins tracing accusations cooked up by some countries, nor will its determination of fighting against COVID-19 be. China maintains partnerships around the world through friendly bilateral relations. The country has been upholding the people-oriented concept. During the fight against COVID-19, the people of Pakistan benefited from China’s backing. It offers a wide range of medical supplies and vaccines to Pakistan, for which we are deeply grateful.

Prinn Panitchpakdi, deputy head of Thai Democratic Party

Over its 100-year-long journey, the CPC has played a positive and vital role in promoting global economic development, social stability and security. At the same time, it has actively engaged in exchanges and cooperation with other countries and political parties, and vigorously promoted inter-party diplomacy.

I am optimistic about the leading role of the Party in economic development. The policies formulated by the CPC can solve the problem of social inequality and being unique in this respect. Thailand also faces some similar problems, where the CPC can be a model to learn from. China has also played an important role in leading the global fight against COVID-19.

During my visit to China, I was left deeply impressed by its infrastructure, especially the construction of high-speed railways between cities. I hope Thailand and China can strengthen regional cooperation and exchanges and explore the huge potential in people-to-people exchanges as well as economic cooperation through the joint creation of the Belt and Road, an initiative crucial to the future of Thailand-China relations.

China has lent a hand to many developing countries in their building of infrastructure, including the least developed ones. The Democratic Party of Thailand, too, is eager to improve the infrastructure of our country and hopes to have more opportunities to cooperate with the CPC in the future, so as to benefit the people of both countries.

Diplomatic envoys from 10 countries of Southeast and South Asia watch a folk performance in Xilong Village, in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on September 8, 2021 (CNSPHOTO)

Nalinee Taveesin, Chairperson of Foreign Affairs of the Pheu Thai Party 

As the ruling party of the world’s most populous country, the CPC has made great achievements in its fight against poverty. It has set an example for the political parties of other countries. The CPC’s governing philosophy is to shape the Party for the public and exercise power for the people. The CPC and the Chinese people share a common destiny.

We have learned an important lesson from the development of the CPC, that is, political parties must maintain close ties with their people, exercise governance for the people, work tirelessly to build a clean government, and distribute the fruits of economic development more fairly among all.

Carrying the dream of achieving peace and development, the Belt and Road Initiative will further promote all-round cooperation between ASEAN and China in terms of infrastructure and connectivity, and promote regional, and even global, progress and prosperity.

China's early assistance in donating millions of facemasks to ASEAN countries has been much appreciated, and China’s vaccine development and its availability to ASEAN countries will enable Southeast Asian governments and peoples to overcome the pandemic at the earliest possibility. The 25th batch of vaccines, provided by China to Thailand, arrived in Bangkok on August 21, bringing the total number of vaccines provided by China to Thailand to 25.55 million. China takes ASEAN countries as a priority in its vaccine cooperation, and tries its best to meet the needs of all countries, so as to give a strong boost to regional anti-epidemic efforts and help people of all countries to defeat COVID-19 at an early date.

It is hoped that the CPC will continue to conduct close cooperation with political parties in Southeast Asia, including the Pheu Thai Party of Thailand, to jointly tackle global challenges and reap more practical results.

Nushirwan Zainal Abidin, Malaysian Ambassador to China

The CPC is always willing to adopt a number of measures and policies to solve social problems, including poverty. In my contacts with CPC cadres at all levels, I can tell that everyone is wholeheartedly implementing the decisions of the CPC Central Committee.

Malaysia and China are facing many common challenges and Malaysia hopes to further strengthen cooperation with China and other developing countries in a joint effort to eradicate poverty and build a better world. China’s eradication of absolute poverty is of great significance to not only the country itself, but to all of mankind.

China has strengthened its ethnic unity so that all ethnic groups can develop together within the big family that is the Chinese nation. Malaysia also features many ethnic minorities and is committed to achieving common prosperity among all ethnic groups.

Diplomatic envoys from 10 countries of Southeast and South Asia visit a model village of poverty alleviation in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on September 8, 2021 (CNSPHOTO)

Pham Sao Mai, Vietnamese Ambassador to China

Through the visit, I felt that the people of China’s ethnic minority groups have lived a rich and happy life in terms of material and spiritual culture, demonstrating the great achievements of the CPC and the government in developing ethnic areas. Achieving poverty alleviation among ethnic minorities symbolizes China’s first centenary goal and the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

The great achievements China has made show that the policies adopted by the CPC are effective and practical. Viet Nam and countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia share many similarities with China in developing ethnic areas. We hope to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China in promoting the development and improving medical care and education in those areas.

Mahbub Uz Zaman, Bangladeshi Ambassador to China

China provides a model for the rest of the world in terms of poverty alleviation, and visiting Xilong Village showed me how all ethnic groups in China live in peace and improve their living standards together.

As early as 1952, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founding father of Bangladesh, paid a visit to China and attended the Peace Conference of the Asian and Pacific Regions taking place there that year. After returning to Bangladesh, Rahman told his countrymen what he had seen and heard in China, that all ethnic groups could live in peace and harmony, pursue common development goals, and that the rights and freedoms of all ethnic groups could be effectively protected under state administration. This time in Xilong Village, I saw, with my own eyes, that the people are living an even better life after making their way out of poverty.

In the process of promoting peaceful development, Bangladesh has also protected the rights and interests of ethnic minorities and provided them with educational opportunities.

Diyar Khan, Consul General of Pakistan in Guangzhou, China

Xilong Village is a beautiful village filled with kind and diligent people. It demonstrates that the CPC has not only transformed major cities in 100 years, but also changed backward remote villages for the better. Villagers now have new houses and live happy lives, an accomplishment which testifies to the continuous efforts of the CPC in the past century, especially over the past four decades since the reform and opening up.

Abrao dos Santos, Timor-Leste Ambassador to China

China left no one behind in its fight against poverty. The lives of the Chinese people have been improved under the leadership of the CPC, even in the remotest of rural villages.

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